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My name’s Luisa Omielan and I’m a stand up comedian and I like to PARRTYY!!

I’ve got two solo shows, my debut was called ‘What Would Beyonce Do?!’ and the follow up ‘ Am I Right Ladies?!’.

My third is gonna be called ‘Famous with a Baby’ and I am not writing it until it writes itself.

I crowdfunded a recording of my show! It’s available for download here.

My debut book ‘What Would Beyonce Do?!’ is out now published by Century at Random House. You can order it here.

I wrote a joke about the thigh gap, and now over 40 million people have seen me in my pants. Dreams really can come true. Watch this here:

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BBC Filming

I am so happy announce that I will be recording 'What Would Beyonce Do?!' on the January the 19th at The Clapham Grand for iPlayer and later BBC1. If you would like to come to the record, please get your tickets here...

‘technically’ last night my body ate you
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My book What Would Beyonce Do?! is now available on Amazon.

What’s it about? Well, you know when you find yourself approaching 30 and you have a temp career going nowhere, student debt that’s somehow not getting any smaller, an ex who’s ‘not ready’ and left you heartbroken, and to top it all off you have to move back home to your mum’s house?

Then here, at your lowest point, your best friend decides to pick that very moment to remind you that you are the same age as Beyoncé.


AM I Right Ladies?!

out now



A manifesto. Contains strong language and adult themes. 18 only.

'Omielan is a refreshing comic voice, doing something that no-one else is doing...there is no doubt that she will become the megastar she already acts like one day very soon.' The Independent.

More info...

It’s all happening in the background, will have news for you soon….

For all Jumpers and T shirts please see my Facebook shop.

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My solo shows are like events, be prepared to PARTY! ‘Am I Right Ladies?!’ has had numerous sell out runs, received 5 star reviews, and one its jokes has notched up over 40 million views #ThighGap It follows ‘What Would Beyoncé Do?!’ which has been called “One of the top UK comedy shows of the last decade” by the Guardian newspaper.

AM I Right Ladies?!

A manifesto of booty, sex, mental health & rom coms. It also has one of the best jokes about thigh gaps ever written. ‘Should be part of the curriculum’ Kate Copstick

What Would Beyonce Do?!

What Would Beyoncé Do?! Is the most successful debut show to come out of the Edinburgh Fringe, a phenomenal word of mouth smash hit. The original party with jokes in.

VDay 17

Its Valentines weekend, why stay at home and be miserable when you can grab your best friends and come have the night of your life!

Book Early. It has always sold out.

Saturday night is for hard-core belly laughs and dancing!
Doors 7pm Show will kick off at 8pm, followed by the best in old skool hip hop, current party tunes and the occasional Power ballad..

DRESS CODE: Anything you like

Saturday 11th February
02 Forum, Kentish Town
Bitches, I like looking fly... but I also like Greggs
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